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We are a Nigerian based heart charity organization founded in 2015 which was born out of the need to harness more resources to combat cardiovascular disease in Nigeria and Africa.
In Nigeria Alone, experts have posited that 3 out of 10 people have a heart condition, this is indeed alarming. We have consistently provided support to indigent patients; especially children, suffering from various cardiovascular diseases. Tristate Heart foundation, even though concerned with the treatment of heart conditions have started a special fund for Research in the areas of Heart and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Innovative care. THF has also placed an exclusive priority on the need for skill development in indigenous professionals, through the encouragement of collaborations and training.
The high mortality rate due to cardiovascular diseases in Nigeria prompted our Early Detection and Awareness Campaign- “A Fight for every Heart”. The campaign highlights detection as the first step to the prevention of heart disease, in order to identify individuals with major risk factors and therefore encourages people who seem healthy to always check with their healthcare professionals to know their vital numbers. In addition, the campaign further places interest on the need for healthy living and Lifestyle modifications by eliminating health risks associated with the use of tobacco, physical inactivity, and unhealthy eating habits, which are major contributors to the rising cases of cardiovascular disease. We remain focused on furthering this noble cause of humanity until we extend the frontiers of Lifespan.

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Our mission

Providing funding and medication for the treatment of indigent patients; increasing awareness about heart disease in Africa, supporting research breakthroughs and sponsoring collaborative teaching as well as educating local healthcare professionals on new trends so as to reduce premature deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases.

Our Vission

A foremost heart foundation aspiring for 10% reduction by 2025 in premature deaths caused by African’s silent killer.

What we do

In trying to attain our goal of reducing deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases in Nigeria and Africa, THF has adopted three cardinal pillars to hinge our strategies upon. These three pillars are; Prevention, Treatment and Research


We are giving hope by funding the treatment and surgeries of heart patients in Nigeria who are unable to afford the cost of a heart surgery with 55% focus on children of ages less than 1 year to 15 years old and 45% focus on other people not older than 59 years, suffering from various heart conditions.


The classic mantra that goes “Prevention is better than cure” readily comes to mind when we juxtapose the prices of Treatment vis-à-vis the Efforts geared towards prevention. It cannot be overemphasized, the need for people to make conscious efforts to prevent CVDs.


To Support the prevention of CVDs in Africa, a lot of research must be done. This will not only avail the necessary data needed to build strategies with but also create an avenue for an innovative approach to be employed in managing the African situation.


We do our best to influence decisions within political systems which have to do with CVDs

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